The 3 things to Know When Buying Hardwood Flooring with Dogs


The 3 things to Know When Buying Hardwood Flooring with Dogs

There are many reasons why you should consider buying hardwood flooring. Some of the ideas include the fact that the floors add a natural warmth and shine, are reliable, durable and easy to clean.

Hardwood floors have been in use for thousands of years. In the U.S the floors have been in use since the colonial times.

The wood used in crafting the floors has changed over the years. For example, pine heavily used during the 1700s and 1800s. In the 20th century oak was the most preferred wood. The floors were rarely used in the 1950s and early 1970s as many people preferred using carpet. Hardwood floors made a comeback in the late ’70s, and their fame has grown tremendously since then.


Hardwood floors fall into two main categories: domestic and exotic. Favorite local species are oak and maple. The cool thing with these species is that they provide your home with a cozy feeling. Non-native species include Bubinga and ebony which are vibrant and colorful. These used when you want to create a high-end look.

Common Types of Woods Floors

There are many types of wood floors that used. The most common ones are:

Northern red oak: it’s the most commonly used wood and frequently used as the benchmark for separation of the hardness of other woods. Red oak is stiff, dense and wears resistant. It’s also accessible to sand and stain.

Hard maple: it’s 12% harder than red oak. It’s very durable and dense. In most of the cases, used in the construction of dance floors and bowling alleys.

Hickory: it’s 41% harder than red oak. Strong, stiff, and sturdy. You should install it in areas with high traffic.

Brazilian cherry: it’s 119% harder than red oak. Although it’s tough thus very durable, it can be challenging to work with it.

hardwood flooring Milton:

1. Acclimation: The condensation content of the wood and subfloor must be inside 2-4 rate purposes of each other, and the subfloor must not surpass 12% moisture content. The more remote the rate focuses are far from the subfloor moisture rate, the more issues you will have. For legitimate acclimation, a material must accomplish room temperature.

2. Moisture Content: What is the perfect moisture content of the actual hardwood item? Each maker will somewhat, however the average endorsed moisture content in the hardwood flooring itself ought to be between 6-9%. For instance, if the moisture content of the subfloor is 12% and the hardwood flooring is 9% there is a 3% distinction between the two wood items, which is in the reasonable resilience of establishment. Albeit some development can be healthy even in this range, emotional extension and compression can occur outside of these estimations.

3. Climate Control: Climate control may be the simple most basic explanation behind client disappointment with their hardwood buy. It is CRITICAL that the best possible temperature and stickiness level be kept up for the duration of the life of the hardwood establishment. Shameful climate control will bring about the material swelling in the late spring and contract, or gapping, in the winter.

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