Hardwood Flooring Design Types That You Can Install


Hardwood Flooring Design Types That You Can Install

Hardwood flooring Toronto is an ideal addition to your home when it comes to the remodeling and the renovation. Be it the traditional look or the contemporary; it is just the right touch to your lovely home. There are various types of hardwood flooring that you can choose and get the best. Solid hardwood flooring which is the most traditional form of flooring is the most widely used. Recently developed engineered flooring is just the required alternative that comes with improved durability and budget friendliness.

In addition to hardwood floors being elegant and good to look at, you can also install the flooring materials in different designs. Here are some of the designs that you can install:

  • Random Installation

Here you install the flooring materials randomly without caring whether the material is wide or narrow. Since the materials come in different colors, it’s wise that you introduce complementary colors together.

  • Diagonal Installation

Your aim here is to form a diagonal pattern in hardwood flooring. To achieve an ideal design, you should lay the strips parallel to each other leaving a 45-degree angle to the walls. Use both strips and planks to achieve your results. The best thing with this type of installation is that it gives your room character without being too artistic.

  • Borders

Borders compliment the standard installation of a hardwood floor thus creating your unique, exclusive look. Borders come in different textures and colors, and all you need to do is to choose the one that is ideal for you. Some of the best ones that you can go for are glass, natural stone, and mosaic.

  • Herringbone

Here you lay the strips and planks in a zigzag pattern. It’s good to note that while this design adds elegance to your room, it requires a lot of planning to achieve the pattern that you want.

  • Inlay and Insert

These two create focal points in your home. For ideal

results, you should paint or color the inserts with unique colors. You can place the inserts in different areas of your room. For example, you can put them at the corners of the room or the sides of your fireplace.

Whichever wood may you choose, here are few tips which would

help you increase the life of your floors and keep its beauty intact for a long time.

  1. Scratches from the furniture are a big no-when you shift or relocate your furniture, try and avoid the scratches that may cause a dent and real damage to your floors.
  2. Spilling of water must be avoided-Water spills may damage the floors to a great extent. It is advised not to let a significant amount of water spill on the floors.
  3. Use of carpets-

The use of carpets is very much important to keep your floor safe from wear and tear

  1. Cleaning of the floors- Regular dusting and cleaning of the floors is very much required. Dust and stains may be a cause for the brutality with which the floor suffers.
  2. Adequate temperature is the secret- always try and maintain a proper and perfect temperature of your home. Different weather conditions and temperatures may cause damage to the floors.


These are some of the designs that you can have for your hardwood floors. Make sure different models are installed by a professional. You should also ensure that the units are of high quality. For more information on hardwood flooring Toronto Canada and design, visit hardwood Giant and learn more.

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