Sales Terms

All sale will be final. All balance has to be paid in full prior to delivery. All deliveries be made in the garage only. All deposit is non-refundable. No cash on refunds. No open boxes will be accepted as returns. No returns on transitions. No installations will be cancelled once the order has been placed. Hardwood is a product of nature and there will be variation in color from the samples. Hardwood expands in higher humidity and contracts in lower humidity. The relative humidity should be 45%-60% throughout the year. Wood products are manufactured in accordance with accepted industry standards that permit a defect tolerance not to exceed 5%. The installer and/or owner assumes final responsibility to the product quality. Therefore, all flooring must be inspected prior to installation. Carefully examine your floor for color, grade, finish, and general quality before installing it. Once the strip / plank has been nailed down, it is deemed accepted by the installer and/or the owner. WILL NOT ACCEPT CLAIMS ON ALREADY INSTALLED MATERIAL.

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