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why we are the most trusted service provider

We take great pride in standing out in the flooring community

All our professional installers are our contractors as we do not have any sub- contractors like other companies. They have 10 to 15 years of professional experience. They have WSIB Insured. We provide a 2-year warranty, normally all other companies only provide 1 year but we extend another year making it a total of a 2-year warranty. We are so confident of our installation that the installer is in your palms of your hand which simply means until you are satisfied, and we are satisfied with the job, we do not pay the installers.

When the job is complete you will have to sign a Customer Satisfaction Form once you are completely satisfied with the installation work. If you are not satisfied, you can hold the 10% payment and we will send an inspection team. They will check the job and fix the issue as needed. You can then pay the remaining 10% once the job is fixed and you are 100% satisfied. Do not worry we have the best installers with us.

Also, to further explain, we have a measurement process before Installation. There will be a measurement consultant visiting your house to take the exact estimation for the installation. As we are an honest company, we charge you exactly what you need for your house. Most companies bind you on the invoice warranty based on your approximate estimation of the flooring, but we do not do that.

We make the invoice of the flooring requirements based on your approximate estimation today, we then send a measurement expert to calculate the exact area and if there is anything else needed based on your house requirement to complete the installation job. Based o the exact estimate later we send you the flooring boxes and products accordingly.

Your Invoice will be adjusted according to the material used. Any unopened additional boxes you can return for a full return. The measurement ensures less wastage, and you are not paying anything extra than needed.


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Custom Colors

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we also provide

Floor Upgradation

We make it our priority to offer high quality products at low prices because we know that this matters to you. Choosing hardwood upgrade through your builder could cost upwards of $16/sq.ft and while this would allow you make small monthly payments included in your mortgage, this may however put a strain on the resale of value of your home. You can get similar quality hardwood flooring for $5.99/sq.ft including installation!*

Custom Color Hardwood

Experience the difference with Custom Colour Hardwood Flooring. Tailored to your taste, our expertly crafted floors bring your vision to life. From vibrant shades to understated elegance, we offer a range of customizable options. Let our team guide you through the process, from selection to installation. Elevate your space with beauty and durability. Choose Custom Colour Hardwood Flooring for a truly personalized touch.

Service of delivery

Efficient delivery service for your hardwood needs. Timely and reliable shipping ensures your project stays on track. From our warehouse to your doorstep, we handle it all Count on us for prompt delivery across your preferred locations. Simplify your process with our seamless logistics solutions. Trust our hardwood company to deliver excellence, every time.