Storing Hardwood Flooring in a Garage


Storing Hardwood Flooring in a Garage

Hardwood can be stored in a garage when there is insufficiency in storage spaces. Unused items can be removed from the house without throwing them away for disposal. From material perspective, hardwood flooring material can be stored in a garage depending on the environmental conditions.

The environment

Temperature greatly affects the appearance of hardwood flooring. The moisture expands and shrinks the normal form of the hardwood flooring. The cold, dry air and heat affect the way a wood looks and also affects its condition thus any changes to stored wood with therefore affect the floor installation. For instance, when the hardwood floor is in a room-temperature area within a chilly garage it will over expand in order to adjust to the changes in temperature. And in case the wood is stored in a in an area with warm climate and installed in a colder climate, the wood will shrink and cups due to drastic change in temperature thereby creating gaps.

The owner of the hardwood flooring should store them in proper environment. Provision of ventilation is important in the garage where the hardwood flooring will be stored before the installation of the flooring. The favorable temperature for storing hardwood flooring is 60 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. A humidity of 30 to 50% should be keep in the garage for the hardwood to preserve 6-7% of its humidity.


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Foundation of the garage

A garage foundation can be below the ground level, it can be above or sometimes at the same level with ground. For hardwood storage, a garage whose foundation is below the ground level should be avoided at all. This is because the hardwood looses moisture due to dirt that is behind the wall making the hardwood warp hence cannot be used for installation.

The grade level of the garage

If the level of the grade of the garage is low or one of its walls is covered by the ground in the case of the basement the hardwood should not be stored in such a garage as the room has a lot of moisture making the hardwood to warp due to the moisture.

Method of storing the hardwood flooring

When a hardwood is leaned against wall it tends to warp with time. If they are carelessly stored the wood may crack, split or develop some unwanted stains on their surfaces. Therefore, hardwood flooring should be stored in a garage floor flat and should be away from the walls. The wood should be stacked above the floor of the garage (if floor is made of concrete) by use of stable objects placed underneath. The condition of the wood should also be monitored on regular basis. If there is change in garage environmental condition changes the exterior of the wood they should be moved to another place and wet woods should be dried upon relocation and further dried prior to installation.

In conclusion garage is the best place to store hardwood flooring if it passes through the above tests successfully. Before using the hardwood flooring should be given time in order to adjust themselves to the room’s temperature before the actual installation of the flooring is done.

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