Most Popular Hardwood Flooring Texture and Finish


Most Popular Hardwood Flooring Texture and Finish

What’s the most important thing once you decide to go with the hardwood floor? The next crucial step is to figure out the texture of the floor. There are several options available and you select anyone depending upon the desired final look and feel of the floor. We have shortlisted most popular hardwood floor textures and finishes.


Hand-Scraped Hardwood Flooring

Hand-scraped hardwood flooring is easily available. It’s a is a finish that emphasizes the natural beauty and character of a flooring. It’s done by scarping the board with hand leading to an irregular texture on each plank. Hand-scraped hardwood flooring will always have a medium glossy finish that will have enough protection to bear spills. This finish works best with hickory or maple. If you need a premium look then go far hand-scrapped hardwood flooring.

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Hand-Scraped & Distressed Hardwood Flooring

Hand-Scraped & Distressed Hardwood Flooring adds on the look of any floor. It takes the look of hand-scraped hardwood look and gives a more earthy and rustic appearance to it. Ideally, it works best for the homes which appear to have countryside look. Distress can be done by the flooring provider using a combination of screws, nails or even chains. Nit just that, distressed hardwood flooring is then covered with a gloss to shield it from spills. This seal would ensure that the wood can withstand the wear and tear for years.


Smooth Hardwood Flooring

Do you know that a delicate sanding gives wood a silky texture? On top of that, it adds an allure while focusing on the grain. Smooth hardwood flooring is a classic texture which is still quite popular. Anyone seeking a modern look to the floor should stick to smooth hardwood flooring texture. This finish works best with contrasting style, if adding light cabinets to a dark floor, and vice versa. When you are installing a smooth hardwood flooring, ensure to either choose a very thin size or a little larger size, to get the look of the floor. White or red oak and maple are popular choices when buying smooth hardwood flooring.


Wire Brushed Hardwood Flooring

Wire Brushed Hardwood Flooring is comparatively new in Canada, but it is truly outstanding when it comes to beauty. A wire brushed hardwood floor has an accented grain because of the treatment of the wood with a wire brush. The wood has a rough consistency when compared to hand scrapped but lacks the lived-in effects of a distressed hardwood floor.

But this finish give s a more dramatic look and can help with adding contrast to any room. It’s always easy to get the wire brushed hardwood texture with grainier species like White Oak but can also be done on Birch and Maple. This texture is a great solution if you have pets and heavy footfall at home.

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