5 Mistakes to Avoid When Building a New Home


5 Mistakes to Avoid When Building a New Home

Truly speaking building a home is one of the most exhilarating life choices you can make. Without a doubt, this asset will be one of the prime acquisitions you will ever have. Thus, it requires the due carefulness, extensive research and accurate analysis.


Everyone dreams about having a dream home! But when it comes to building that dream home, one should simply do extensive homework. If the research isn’t right, then buyer’s might face certain regrets before moving-in the new premises. We know that you have planned everything in your mind. Be it a detached house with luxury flooring or modest bungalow with laminate flooringyou need to have a blueprint in place. You must analyze it all- from style, exterior and interior finishes, number of rooms, number of bathrooms, fittings, cabinets, wall paint, and other design bits.


Hardwood Giant takes additional efforts to educate all its customers so that we can help and guide you in avoiding the mistakes while building a new home. You’ll be astonished to know that the project can go skewed if just one part during planning is neglected.

Let’s quickly look at five of these common mistakes that usually happen while building new homes.


1.How many rooms would you require?

Before working on the floor plan, one can avoid the most common design mistake. Space planning. If you’re building a new home it means that you’ll likely stay in it for a while. The number of rooms or bathrooms you need may change over a period. So, you need to consider your stay duration and actual space requirement before drafting the floor plan. Think carefully, do you need extra storage in the bathroom? Do you want to have a storage den in every room?



2.Think about your priorities

Why let someone take a call on your house design, plan or budget? While it’s recommended to take expert opinion and help while building a new home, one should always do own research. Because you know your lifestyle best! You know about your family needs and the future.Make a priority list way ahead of time. For example- the decision to install waterproof flooring for your new home should be prioritized.




3.Select HVAC wisely

This might appear as a small aspect right now. Trust us, the HVAC system does play a major role and should be prioritized. Everyone would want a system that works efficiently on summer days or a harsh winter night. You shouldn’t choose a small system which can’t efficiently heat or cool down your premises. If you go for a bigger system than you should consider your budget as well. Further, you would prefer to avoid mold or moisture. You should do some research on it before deciding.




4.Kitchen and Bedroom Layout

While deciding about the kitchen you need to consider certain things. Primary, plenty of get-together and socials parties usually end up in the kitchen. So, it’s always a wise decision to merge the kitchen with the living area. The open kitchen concept is usually great for this kind of design layout. Second, the kitchen should be next to the main entrance so that it gets easier to carry groceries in a jiffy. Next, the location of the master bedroom will always matter a lot. You would prefer a peaceful sleep at night. Therefore, the master bedroom needs to be located somewhere quiet. You should always ensure that you don’t share a wall with the living area. Keep these factors before planning a design layout.




5.Work with the Right Home builder

That’s right! Selecting the right home builder will make all the difference! You must always take the help of an expert home builder. Do we agree that doing it on your own might look like a budget-appropriate idea, but is it worth the stress you’ll have? Do your research. You can easily find experienced home builders with immense knowledge and equipment to help you build a well-crafted house. They will also do it in a set time frame and within your allotted budget. While shortlisting any professional do ask for their recent or previous projects.




Certainly, there are some challenges while building a new home. However, anyone can face them with systematic homework and preparation.

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