Laminate Flooring for the Office


Laminate Flooring for the Office

If you’re looking to give your office a face-lift, there is a chance that you’ll also be looking to pick a better and far more aesthetically pleasing floor that will awe anyone who steps in; business partners, clients, investors, potential clients, etc. Since the many options of laminate flooring have been professionally designed to imitate the outward appearance of the natural floor coverings that we have around like hardwood and oak, getting that particular look that you’re after should be nothing short of a walk in the park. However, you’ll realize that you’ll experience some difficulty in making a choice due to the fact that there are just so many stylish options available for you to choose from. Apart from the style that accompanies them, the most important thing about laminate flooring that you should be on the lookout for in terms of your commercial setting is its AC Rating.

Laminate floors are all subjected to AC ratings and measurements. In simple terms, a laminate floor’s AC Rating is used to show just how    durable that particular laminate flooring is. These ratings will easily show you whether a particular laminate floor is best suited for your office and even if it is, you’ll also have an idea about where is most suitable for it to be installed so as not to crack under the pressure of many people walking on top of it. The AC Rating show how much foot traffic it can handle and as such, it’ll show you whether you can install laminate flooring in your office.

All types of laminate flooring are rated from AC1 to AC5. AC1-AC2 laminate floors are best suited to be applied in residential and housing locations rather than at commercial locations. When you’re planning to apply laminate flooring in any commercial area, you are free to give laminate flooring with AC4-AC5 ratings a fair consideration. AC4 laminate floors, whose rating marks the mid-point, can also be used effectively in commercial settings where there isn’t too much foot traffic.

It is important to know the AC Rating of a laminate floor because choosing a laminate floor whose AC Rating doesn’t meet the minimum requirement for your intended use can prove to have deleterious effects. The laminate flooring will definitely not have the ability to withstand the high traffic levels that usually occur in a commercial setting and as such, you’ll witness unsightly scratches (and maybe even a few cracks) as time goes on. Since these issues can be bad for your business as you’ll have to spend even more money trying to fix them, it is only right to select a laminate floor whose AC Rating is appropriate for use in your commercial space.

Other factors to consider when choosing laminate flooring for your commercial space are:

  • Cost: If you’re trying to get nice flooring for your warehouse, you don’t need something too expensive. Just something strong and sturdy enough to hold equipment. However, if you’re looking for laminate flooring to d cater for your personal office, you’re free to splash the cash. However, it has to be something you can stomach. Don’t go into debt just because you’re trying to get nice flooring. Also, make sure you select the best laminate flooring sale you can get. Measure and weigh the pros and cons and get yours from a reputable seller. Prices vary and as such, you can’t get the price of a laminate flooring sale in Brampton at another location.


  • Ease of Application: Laminate flooring is incredibly easy to maintain and clean. All you have to do is wipe or mop the floors and you’ll be able to rid yourself of all dirt particles or water spills, thereby leaving the floors clean and alluring at all times. The top wear layers of laminate floors are naturally designed to be easy to clean. They are also highly resistant to spills and stains. Therefore, installing the floor will prove to be incredibly easy and will not need to use a lot of different cleaning materials, some of which might clean your laminate floor in such a way that it will take a while to dry off. With the help of a competent service, you’ll be able to install the laminate floor and cover a large surface area of your office in just a few days.


  • Color and Design Variety: Laminate floors come in a wide array of colors and designs, all of which are awesome and beautiful on their own. However, you’ve got to put a few factors into consideration before choosing a laminate flooring variant. You need to look at the color and how it fits the materials in the office; does it blend with the curtains or the walls? etc. You should also pick a color that you’re comfortable with so you don’t feel like you’ve wasted money at the end of the day.


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