Why We Use Laminate Flooring for Our Homes


Why We Use Laminate Flooring for Our Homes

When it comes to the floors of your home, you need to ensure that everything is set and arranged impeccably. Your floors are one aspect of your home that can draw attention, both for the good and bad reasons. Floor materials are of a wide array for you to choose from. However, there is one material which seems to be unable to do any wrong; laminate flooring. Without wasting any time, we’ll be looking at why we use this form of flooring in our homes:

Cost Effectiveness

Laminate floors cost far less that those made of hard wood, especially if you’re looking for a more hand scraped look. If you’re the type of person running on a tight budget ad you need to save money at all costs, you’ll definitely find laminate flooring cheaper and pocket-friendly. They are also available at a lot of stores, meaning that you’ll have access to cheap laminate flooring easily. Laminate flooring sales go fast and are usually very smooth due to the relatively low prices.

However, you should know that apart from the fact that you’ll spend far less on lalaminate flooring, its little price doesn’t diminish its quality one bit. You can rest assured that you’ll still get value for the little bucks they’re spending. You’ll also be saving yourself a lot of money going forward because it doesn’t require much to clean or maintain. It is also highly durable and that makes it resistant to stains, fading and the appearance of any scratch marks. It lasts long and still retains its beauty and aesthetic appeal over a long period of time.

Wide Variety of Colorimeters and Textures

Another major selling point of laminate flooring is the availability of a wide variety of trendy colors and texture options. You can get laminate flooring in a wide array of colors and even some direct replicas of the texture and colors of hard wood floors (if you’re the type of person who will like to have that hard wood feel even on your laminate floor). You can also get whitewash finishes, lighter colors and even a grey wood replica. This means that even if you’ll prefer to change your laminate floors sooner or later, you’ll still be able to get cheap laminate floors of different colors to give your room that same amount of life and vigor, all while simultaneously saving you lots of cash.

Incredible Durability

As stated earlier, laminate floors are highly durable and long lasting. Best quality Laminate floors are made from high density fiber boards. This is a material with a high; level of durability and strength and as such, laminate floors will be able to retain their good looks for years, while also maintaining the comfort of your underfoot and ensuring that you don’t feel any itches or irritations when you step on them.  They are mostly recommended for areas in the room where people commute a lot; kitchens, living rooms and toilets most especially.

The material of laminate floors doesn’t expand or contract in the manner of real hard wood and even if they eventually get damaged or ruined through the addition of moisture or any other form of damage, laminate floors are very easy to replace, due to the fact that they are arranged in sections. This means that all you’ll have to replace is the section of the floor that has suffered damage, as opposed to the stress of having to remove the entire floor.

Easy to Install and Maintain

You’ll hardly experience any stress of difficulty of you want to install laminate floors and although it is generally advisable to have a floor installation expert run the project for you, it isn’t so bad doing it yourself, as long as you can ensure that you do it right (to be on a safer side, you can combine both: do it yourself, but have an expert supervise you so you don’t go about it the wrong way). If you’re a DIY enthusiast or an active person around the house, you will probably enjoy installing a laminate floor.

With the presence of the tongue and groove system, laminate flooring is basically a snap. This means that you’ll have little to no need for any glue or joining agent. You can just simply snap the boards together and you’re done with that. Also, due to the fact that laminate floors don’t have the need to be glued and pinned down, as long as your subfloor is perfectly level and regular, it doesn’t matter what it is. The laminate floor can be put on wood, plywood, concrete and even vinyl flooring, as it will just float over it. Majority if laminate floors can even be laid over heated concrete slabs, although to be safe, doing that is not advisable.

Hygienic and Ideal for Allergies

If you’re a person with allergies, you’ll benefit from a laminate floor. It has a non-porous surface, meaning that it doesn’t absorb dirt or dust particles. It is also very easy to clean. Due to its airtight exterior, laminate floors will also be able to create a barrier against any moisture that might want to get into its material. For pet owners or people with very sensitive and serious allergies, laminate floors are more than ideal.

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