Top 5 Water Resistance and Waterproof Flooring Options


Top 5 Water Resistance and Waterproof Flooring Options

One can easily get friendly lifestyle flooring without having to sacrifice the elegant look of a wood. The water resistance options for flooring offered at Floor and Decor are usually availed in different styles and materials which can perfectly blend well with any lifestyle budget of look you want. Floors which are water resistance are the best ideas worth considering especially if looking for floors that will comfortably suit your kids and pets, although there is reliable information regarding what makes the floor to be water resistant. The following are important information you need to know about water resistance and waterproof flooring.

What Could Make a Floor to be Water Resistance?

Whenever water meets the floor and a pool is left on the wood or non – resistant flooring, the water is gradually absorbed into the board and to the plank core. This, therefore, makes it expand and later warp. Once floorboards are damaged by water, then it means the floor is irreversibly damaged.

A floor which is resistance to moisture must have a fixed barrier that helps in the prevention of moisture from gaining access into the core for some time. A water resistance floor means that water is not going to cause damage, and it will eventually be wiped before it flows beyond the barrier. Here are the water resistance and water flooring options which may perform well as a barrier in your home.


1. The Aqua Guard Engineered Hardwood


Aqua Guard wood is one of the most effective water resistance hardwoods. It provides highly exclusive technology which allows you have real hardwood floors in all rooms of your house. It can be fixed in the shortest time possible. Aqua Guard Wood provides 24/7 protection against absorption of water. It also comes alongside an anti-bacterial coating reinforced with quarts to allow it to last longer.


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2. The Aqua Guard Bamboo


Aqua Guard Bamboo is a revolutionary barrier which is three times harder compared to the American Red Oak. It resists water for at least 30 hours. Aqua Guard can be fixed for up to 1600 square feet without having to carry out any transition molding.

Its planks are built from stranded bamboo fibers which are usually compacted to create long-lasting floors. They are available in different styles starting from wire-brushed to hand-scraped. It is a long-lasting product and the fact that it is resistant to water for at least 30 hours makes it most suitable for bathroom, mudrooms and kitchen flooring.


3. Aqua Guard Laminate


The Aqua Guard Laminate is wood resistance to water that gives an authentic feel for hardwood. Being able to provide additional benefits, there is always a laminate option for every room in your house starting from the kitchen, basements, mudrooms all the way to bathrooms.


4. Nucore Waterproof Flooring


Nucore flooring is exclusive material found at Floor and Decor. Its look and feel resemble that of a tile and wood, although it can be fixed in areas where wood cannot. Being 100% resistance to water, it can virtually be installed in any room. It offers zero acclimation and an easy locking installation. This, therefore, assures you natural and beautiful waterproof flooring.


5. DuraLux Waterproof Luxury Vinyl


DuraLux Luxury Vinyl combines both durability and performance. It boasts of a rigid stone-based core that assures you a 100% waterproof and also it is resistance to dent and scratch. The DuraLux 5mm performance plank alongside inbuilt foam backing is an amazing choice for flooring which is quick and easy to install.



Water-resistance flooring is amazing for any lifestyle or home. There is a wide range of water-resistance flooring from the Local Floor and Décor stores. You can also select or browse various selections from the online store. Therefore, look for a flooring design which is going to perfectly work for your home.


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