Pick the right Rug


Pick the right Rug

Rugs are a great option for carpeting floors. They are less formal and much easier to use as compared to carpets while as they as good in functionality. They add comfort, cushion and warmth to the floor area. You can add rugs to any and practically every room of the house. Rugs come in more options than carpets in terms of design, size, shapes, texture, thickness or pile, cost, etc. Considering these aspects, it is a much simpler task to pick a rug than choose a carpet for a space. The best part of rugs is that they can be placed anywhere right from your living room to your bathroom bearing in mind just one basic thumb rule – that a rug should be placed at least six inches (if not more) and not more than two feet that is twenty four inches away from the wall.

Rugs often become the focal point of a room and your can match the remaining decor of the room based on that rug. You can choose to place or not to place furniture on a rug. If you wish to draw focus to the rug, then it is a better idea not to place any furniture over it so that it is completely visible. You need to choose a rug depending upon where you are planning to place it. If you are planning one for a dining room that has an oval or round table, you can buy a corresponding shape to match. Your lifestyle will help you determine the color and texture of rug. You can go for colorful ones or ones with simple designs made of hemp or jute, other natural fibers or synthetic fibers.

While deciding on a rug, four principle things that you ought to bear in mind are:

  • What your style is?
  • Where you plan to keep it?
  • How to care for it?
  • How much you are willing to spend for one?

Some people prefer high pile or thick rugs for a warmer look and feel, but the flatter ones are easy to clean and maintain. You may have to hire professional cleaners for the heavier and thicker versions. Similarly the purpose of buying the rug is an important consideration because you can opt for smaller ones if it is purely for decoration without much use or you can go for a bigger one if you have people walking bare feet more often than not or folks who like to sit on the floor. You can also settle for completely contrast textures. This will make the room look more interesting.

Whenever you buy rugs, do not forget rug pads. They go a long way in helping the rugs last longer as they prevent movement resulting in lesser friction rendering it less slippery.

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