Guide to Choosing Laminate Flooring Color for Your Kitchen


Guide to Choosing Laminate Flooring Color for Your Kitchen

Your kitchen flooring is very important and so is its color. If you make use of laminate flooring for your kitchen, the color of your kitchen floor will go a long way in determining its allure enhancing its image, and also ensuring that you don’t end up going to a laminate flooring sale again in the next two months. To that end, we have gathered a few guides to help you choose the perfect color for your kitchen laminate flooring:

Do You Want to Accent or Offset your Cabinetry?

If you have a modern kitchen that makes use of crisp cherry cabinetry and appliances made of pure stainless steel, then laying laminate in a cherry wood finish has the potential to make your kitchen have a bit of a dark and overbearing outlook. On the other hand, if you make use of a lighter and more natural wood color you will be running the risk of clashing with the cherry and making the entire kitchen look a bit awkward. To guard against both of these possibilities, you can opt for a lighter color with a distressed wood finish or perhaps even a concrete look. If you’ll like to accent your cabinetry, you should choose a color that gives an awesome complement to it. The reverse applies to when you want to offset it.

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Pick a Color That Corresponds With Your Kitchen Lighting and Size

The size and lighting of your kitchen both g a very long way in determining the color you eventually choose for the floors. An amalgamation of dark colors and low lighting will make a room look much smaller and more intimate, while mixing bright lights with a light colored kitchen will make it look generally larger. When choosing the color of your flooring, make sure to look at the size and lighting choice you got for your kitchen. When you take these two into consideration, choose a color that accentuates the mood and captures the ambience of your kitchen floor. It’s that simple.

Pick a Perfect Mood or Vibe to Your Kitchen

Every room in the home is capable of being set to a certain mod, depending on the preference of the homeowner. The kitchen is no different. When you’ll like to set a mood, you generally make sure that the most dominant and noticeable aspects of that room have colors that go with that mood. One of the parts that you need to consider is the flooring. For your kitchen, laminate flooring is possible to enhance any mood you want to have set in there. This is why if you’re looking to set a mood, pick a color for your laminate flooring that will perfectly correspond with the desired mood.

Put Kitchen Traffic into Consideration

The traffic of your kitchen is one of the most determining factors that will eventually dictate the color you choose for your floors. This is because your floor will bear the brunt of the force when people move in and out of your kitchen a lot. Also, if you’ve got kids and they play here, you need a floor color that is not easy to fade and as such won’t just peel off when the kids come to play. That being said, if your kitchen is the type that sees a lot of people pass around, it will be better if you chose a lighter color for your floor due to the fact that it doesn’t show too many foot marls or dust that much. Also, if you have pets that roam around the house when they please, paw marks and prints will show less on a lighter colored floor.

Laminate flooring is easy to purchase and its installation is a breeze. Laminate flooring Brampton offers various options from which you can choose from, in terms of color, texture, price, etc. Give us a call today.

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