Get Rid of Stain Marks from Laminate Flooring


Get Rid of Stain Marks from Laminate Flooring

Laminates are one of the most popular flooring options in today’s world. They look like wood floors and are known for their adaptability and flexibility. Before deciding on where to install these floors, you need to consider certain factors like price, durability and maintenance. By keeping in mind the exact requirement of the room, you will be able take right decision where you can install this type of floor.

Water spots are only temporary stains; not permanent damage. You can remove them with strong solvent like acetone or light scraping. However, it’s always best to use soap, vinegar and water for removing stains. This blog discusses about how to solve the problem of stain marks from laminate floors.

Remove dirt completely

Dirt accumulation causes more danger on laminates than stain marks. It may scratch finishes and make the floors look dull that cannot be removed easily. Before you try to remove stain marks, you should sweep, vacuum or mop floors. Attach a soft cloth on vacuum cleaner to remove dirt and dust completely. You can use a mop to prevent water from accumulating on the floors.

Cleaner to remove stains

There are cleaners available for removing common stains like juice, wine, chocolate and grease. Not only this, you can make your cleaner to get rid of stains or use these products by mixing water, white vinegar and adding few drops of detergent. Use cleanser, soft cloth and spray to remove spots. However, you’ll require strong cleaner if the marks do not vanish after more than one attempt.

Manage and remove spots

You should learn to manage stains like ink, cigarettes, crayon, wine, shoe polish that cannot be removed with a cleaner. Use a soft cloth with acetone to get rid of these marks. Acetone can remove stain marks and paints while alcohol helps get rid of other spots. It’s advisable to wear mask and protective gloves for getting fresh air when you use acetone for removing spots and blemishes.

Maintenance with laminate floors

While installing laminate flooring will add beauty to your home, proper care and maintenance is very important to keep them looking like new for several years. For this, you’ll have to vacuum or sweep the area regularly. It’s best to use pre-approved cleanser suggested by the retailer for stain and spot removal. If you don’t clean properly, this may damage the floors quickly.

The best way to overcome stain removal is by taking immediate action and using cleaning products. Cleaners are also useful for getting rid of spots on laminate and other types of floors. Nothing can substitute the knowledge of experts. It is wiser to take professional advice for maintaining the beauty of floors.

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