5 Key Tips of Matching Hardwood to Bamboo Flooring


5 Key Tips of Matching Hardwood to Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring is the in thing aesthetic aspect for most modern homes. Thanks to its sturdiness and other durable aspects. Matching hardwood to this kind of floor needs skillful hand and with expertise, the result is admirable and breathtaking. Below is how to hack this with ease:

1.Match hardwood to the width of the bamboo plank

Taking down the width of the bamboo plank is vital to avoid disorganization and an unsightly result upon completion. Do not be blinded. The secret of home improvement using huge planks make your room appear bigger when it really isn’t.

For a continuous appealing look, ensure the wood is run in the same direction.

2.Level all finished heights

Prior to leveling heights, consider the depth of the two flooring types. If the height of your sub-floor features a distinctive difference, it will affect the flooring height so change it instead. Stability and a sturdy base are important when flooring.

Subfloor materials should be of good quality and in right in amounts and types.
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3.Flooring to be used should have same wood grains

Matching wood grains especially of bamboo with any other hardwood can give you endless migraines. The surface of bamboo planks have even lines running horizontally across its surface. The engineering process of wood used for bamboo flooring enhances uniformity and evenness of the planks.Other standard and basic hardwood floors contrast to this feature. Hardwood material of top quality has more even grains and can match bamboo. If you like your dealings smooth, purchase engineered hardwood to make matching easy. This could need you to dig deeper into your pocket.

4.Tones and hues coordination

How you play with colors will determine how natural and glossy your bamboo floor will look. Doing a good finish by staining the
lighter shades of the floors would be effective to match both the tone of bamboo and hardwood. The flooring products; hardwood and bamboo can be bought in the same tone to make the fixing process short and quick.Bamboo flooring in dark colors have different grades and planks will give a contrasting effect as compared to lighter colors. If you
want to match it with hardwood floors then board this ship.

5.When to use transition pieces

Transition pieces called T-molding can be used in between flooring materials of different types in case the other hacks don’t go through.
They work to give a flushing or accommodating effect depending on whichever you choose.Aesthetically, being keen to details like color, width, transitioning and height will leave you with a durable and beautiful floor. Stay in style with an eye-catching floor to stand on.

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