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Key Differences between Oak and Maple Hardwood Flooring

Oak and Maple hardwood floors are two of the most popular variants and forms of hardwood floors. They are patronized mainly due to the fact that they come in various color variants, they are available in both solid and engineered forms, and are also very durable. However, there exist two major differences between both of them. Look through below:

Structure and Appearance

Oak and Maple hardwood are two forms of hardwood flooring that come with their own distinctive style and beauty.

The arguably most common form of hardwood flooring in America is most probably Red Oak. It boasts medium to heavy graining and also has a few color variants. The main difference between it and white oak is the fact that it has some rosy undertones.

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The White Oak hardwood is the other major variant of oak hardwood flooring. Unlike the rosy red oak, White Oak hardwood flooring boasts more of underlying hues that range between golden brown and slightly gray in color. The strength of the grain makes it excellent at taking stain pretty evenly, thereby going a long way to reduce the blotchiness of its color. The grain is also quite linear and smooth in texture.

Maple hardwood flooring, on the other hand, is much creamier and lighter in complexion than any other wood used to make hardwood flooring. However, it is also possible for some grades to contain certain mineral streaks which range from medium brown to almost black. The grain contained in maple hardwood is fairly fine and light, so in order to see it, you’ll have to look a bit more closely. The grain lines vary from straight to wavy or curly.

Durability and Strength

Both oak and maple hardwood flooring are actually pretty durable. For comparison purposes, here are the hardness ratings of each of them:

Red Oak has a hardness rating of 1290 lbf (Pound-force). For White Oak, it’s 1360 lbf. Hard Maple has a rating of 1450 lbf, while that of Soft Maple is 950 lbf.

It goes without saying that the higher the hardness rating, the harder the wood will be. In terms of resistance to pressure and wear and tear, hard maple, red oak, and white oak possess extreme strength and hardness while soft maple has more of a medium hard rating.

The most stable material among the ones listed above is white oak. It is also more advantageous due to the fact that besides its obvious hardness, it also has an ability t withstand contraction and expansion, both of which are common effects of a change in temperature and moisture levels. The white oak also has excellent resistance against infestation by bugs and fungi, meaning that if you live in a place where the prevalent temperature is felt very harshly and there is a high humidity, then white oak hardwood flooring might just be the best choice for you.

Both oak and maple hardwood flooring have a resistance to dents and scratches (which are most likely caused by accidents and frequent use). However, you must also put into consideration the fact that there are several grades that are available and there are imperfections that are peculiar to each grade.

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